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0.6 mm


The Ultra 75 coating is the most durable coating for roofing and cladding. It is the best alternative to PVC-plastisol paints to improve the performance of building systems and it contributes to the CO2 reduction at project level.

Pre-painted Steel of excellent durability, thanks to highweather resistance paint. Product looks like wood but with the properties of steel. Can be used as wall panel and as wall profile.

What’s included

Accessories are not included and can be ordered separately

Insulation table

Thickness RW U Uc product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.ucWall product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.ucPartition Ψ product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.psiWall product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.psiPartition R RC product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.rei product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.ew EI product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.direction product.detail.specifications.insulationTable.orientation